Microwave woodworm room for furniture and furnishings

Eliminate woodworms permanently.



al 100%



1 years

Biotarl, the microwaved woodworm chamber to eliminate woodworms.

The innovative anti-woodworm chamber with microwave generators allows the protection of your furniture, furnishings, beams and your parquet from wood borers. The chamber is made up of 16 easily transportable and mountable panels, and its operation is managed by a touch screen panel. In addition to its effectiveness, among the prominent elements, we find its “zero emissions” feature to safeguard people’s health. At the end of the treatment, the technicians can comfortably check that the woodworms have been disinfected from the furnishings, through infrared cameras.

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The bio solution convenient and suitable for you!

In addition to leaving no chemical residues in the house, after treatment with the microwaved woodworm room, on the furniture and furnishings inside the room, the treated artifacts will be immediately accessible and usable.

A perfect, non-invasive, and extremely effective anti-woodworm system.

Woodworms and their eggs will disappear from your furniture!

Without pesticides or chemicals.

Thanks to the microwave waves generated by the woodworm chamber, pest control furniture will be a guaranteed success, in fact, the chamber is able to heat the wooden artifact by making microwaves penetrate deeply , eliminating any presence of woodworms and eggs from your furniture.

Directly to your home!

You won’t have to leave the house!

Modular and adaptable to any space

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