Biotarl, the bio disinfestation of woodworms in the microwave, without pesticides, directly to your home.

Biotarl, the perfect natural woodworm!


in the disinfestation of microwaves woodworms.


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Biotarl, the perfect natural microwave disinfestation and woodworm system, to intervene with pesticide-free woodworm disinfestation. The mix of microwave chamber, microwave generator and infrared technologies will guarantee you the definitive remedy against the problem of furniture, beams, or parquet, and any type of worm-eaten furniture. Biotarl, innovative, safe, and guaranteed.

Directly to your home

Without pesticides



in casa tua

It doesn’t hurt

It doesn’t hurt

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al 100%

The woodworm system, Biotarl:

Microon woodworm chamber.

The anti-woodworm for furniture and furnishings

Microwave generator.

For wooden beams, stairs and furniture

Infrared woodworm.

For parquet, stairs and beams.

Your furniture is safe.

With the microwave chamber you can protect the furniture from woodworms.

Thanks to the action of the microwave waves generated inside it, the wood is heated (without suffering any damage) until it reaches the depths of the wood fiber, destroying eggs and woodworms. The walls of the anti-woodworm chamber are built with an insulating material that allows to prevent dispersion and leakage into the environment.

Save your wooden furniture and furnishings!

Why choose the microwave solution?

Because the microwaves emitted by the Biotarl chamber do not damage the furniture and act deeply in the wood, destroying woodworms and eggs.

Antitarlo Microonde Mobili e Travi


What are the advantages of the Biotarl anti-woodworm pest control treatment with a microwave chamber?

You won’t have to leave the house.

Modular, it adapts to any space.

Modular, it adapts to any space.

The microwave chamber adapts to any room in the house. You won’t have to leave the room and it leaves no residue.

Extremely effective.

It reaches deep into the wood.

It reaches deep into the wood.

The microwaves generated by the Biotarl chamber reach the depths of the wood fibers, destroying woodworms and larvae, without damaging the furniture.


If you have to treat the wooden beams? We intervene with localized microwave and infrared treatments.

Microwave generator.

The microwave generator for beams and localized areas.

When we cannot intervene with the microwave chamber, eg. in beams, stairs, etc., we carry out the localized treatment through our powerful microwave bell generator.

Francesco Colombo | CEO Ekonore

“There must have been effective disinfestation methods that did not include the use of toxic products!”

Hence the idea of ​​transforming the ekonore company with bio systems, including the biotarl system, for the pesticide-free microwave disinfestation of woodworms. We have chosen the path of researching the cleanest and most modern technologies!