I used to really enjoy my work, I felt like a doctor, a specialist who every time he left a house or a company has the feeling of being regarded as a benefactor, someone who solves a problem which had been terrorising them and for which there seemed to be no solution. Every day a different problem to solve. What a wonderful job! Yet something worried me! Every time I went out of a house or company, my throat would be burning, my eyes too, sometimes I felt nauseous, and as if that were not enough, I found dead rats with internal bleeding, useful insects like bees or butterflies that were either died or dying.

There had to be effective methods of disinfestation which did not include the use of toxic products! And so I started looking!”.

Francesco Colombo
Founder Ekonore Italia

Disinfestazione Tarli Microonde Biotarl

Biotarl, bio microwave technology.

The perfect combination between the microwave chamber and the bell microwave generator, to eliminate woodworms.

Disinfestazione tarli infrarossi travi in legno

Biotarl, bio infrared technology.

Where the microwaves do not reach, the infrared technology allows to treat localized points, without residues in the rooms.

“Thanks to organic technologies, we can work with the peace of mind not to leave
to customers something that could irreparably damage them. ”

What did we find out?

That biological systems of disinfestation are more effective than those using chemicals. This is because the eggs of most pests are resistant to any pesticide, and furthermore we work with the peace of mind that we don’t leave something to our customers that could cause them irremediable harm.

Bio systems safeguard health and are more effective than chemical treatments.

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