Infrared woodworm

Eliminate woodworms in the most hidden points.



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Biotarl, the infrared anti-woodworm to defeat woodworms from furniture and beams.

The infrared technology brings the wooden element to be treated at a high temperature, without damaging it, thus managing to defeat any harmful agent. The long infrared wave induction transmits the heat radiated from the original source, until it reaches the entire thickness of the elements subjected to treatment. The infrared rays, conveyed by special panels, penetrate deeply into the wood. The heat is thus able to dehydrate the woodworms and any pest present on the goods treated by thermal shock.

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The bio solution convenient and suitable for you!

In addition to not leaving chemical residues in the house, after the treatment on the furniture and furnishings inside the room, the treated artifacts will be immediately accessible and usable.

A perfect, non-invasive, and extremely effective anti-woodworm system.

Woodworms and their eggs will disappear from your furniture!

Without pesticides or chemicals.

Technological innovations are changing the world. Even that of pest control, where techniques are evolving to defeat the most dangerous pests. Among these there are certainly woodworms, against which we can use an advanced thermal disinfestation technique such as the use of infrared i. It is extremely effective, as it allows you to eliminate these annoying weeds without resorting to the use of pesticides.

Directly to your home!

You won’t have to leave the house!

Reaches more difficult spots

It adapts to any environment

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